Wilson Fontaine

Hi Wilson,

I can't tell you how much I love the video. I got home a little bit before 8pm on Thursday night and by ten to nine I was at the nearest FedEx location sending my parents one of the DVDs. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to share it with them.

I have been wanting to email you since Thursday, however I was unfortunately on a plane at 6am on Friday and then with my clients at the beginning of the week. Now that I'm home and I'm settled, I think I have watched the video at least once every day.

I think you perfectly captured my wedding day as I want to remember it and Josh and I especially love all of your music selections. You exceeded our expectations and you impressed me by how you accurately read our personalities and the mood of the day.

I feel so blessed that I will have this as a reminder of why Josh and I got married and how much our family and friends love us. I love being able to see the love in our eyes and I love that you were able to capture so much of what was said..such as our officiant's poignant words, our vows, and the toasts our loved ones gave us.

I especially like the footage that you took of us earlier in the summer. I was so moved by the way Josh and I were interacting. At the time I didn't know that we were looking at each other like that..with so much love and playfulness in our eyes and body language.

I also love that the video captures so many small, but very memorable details and I now have the only video footage that I have ever had of my family and grandparents. I seem to always remember people by their hands and I love that you caught me holding hands with my dad, Josh tying his bow tie, Josh and I holding hands, and my grandmother's hands.

From a pure enjoyment perspective, I absolutely love the final reception segment. Josh and I laughed hysterically when we saw that you captured our friend singing with the band. This segment will always bring a huge smile to my face and I love love love the music you chose for this section. I was so sad when the wedding was over and this part of the video brings me right back to the excitement that I felt that night. It makes me want to dance, just the way that I felt at the reception.

Thank you for the extra DVDs as well and I love having the soundtrack. That was very thoughtful of you and I was so happy to be able to send my parents a copy right away. I spoke with my dad last night and I think my mom has already shown it to a half dozen people - all of which cried.

I could go on and on about how much I love the video.... Thank you for everything Wilson and I noticed that you are also doing baby videos...so you never know, maybe that will be next!!!