Dear Wilson -

It was so important to me that you know how much your film means to Emil and I and our families. It is a treasure.

Your heart and soul was so in our wedding day. You shot and edited the film as I, the bride, would have like to have done.
You have a true gift... not only are you a gifted cinematographer, editor and story teller... you have the gift of intuition... of just knowing "a moment" before it happens and knowing what moments are important to two people you just met.
You captured and understood what is important to Emil and I... from your music choices to the perfect slow down as we walked down the isle together, to the aeriel view of the spin in our dance.

Our film is like a dream - one fabulous dream that I would have had one night and woke up the next day and thought, "Did that really happen?" Well, it has and now I have it preserved on film, all because of you. I feel blessed to have found you. Not only as an artist but as a friend.

We love you.

Michele & Emil