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Dear Wilson -

WOW oh WOW!!!
We were so completely blown away by the amazing video. We have watched it over and over and find fun little details every time we watch it. What I can't believe is we didn't even realize you were taking all those clips. We adore the presentation from old to new film - black & white to color. You will never know what a thrill it is for us to have this special memory.

The music is amazing and the editing of the vows, readings, and service are absolutely perfection. You didn't mis a beat including the cutting of the cake, dancing on stage and the exit by the bride & groom. We watched all the details that we would have missed. What a thrill to have all the details of the reception - tent, flowers, candles and cherished guests.

We want to applaud you and your husband & tell the world to use you. What a talented team. Thank you for traveling to Virginia...


Julie Mitchell

Wilson Fontaine